Tooth Extractions in Lexington, MA

No one looks forward to having a tooth extracted, even if it’s causing pain or discomfort. At Barry J Cunha, DDS in Lexington, MA, we understand that our patients worry about painful extractions and the discomfort that follows them.

We don’t want you to worry, though. All the precautions needed to minimize pain are done, and we’ll give you instructions on how to ease any pain and swelling after the procedure.

Reasons to Extract a Tooth

Natural teeth are great, and while we have many amazing options for false and replacement teeth, we still prefer to preserve natural teeth when possible. Certain circumstances, however, force us to extract teeth. A tooth that’s no longer viable, for example, needs to be removed, or else it’ll become a source of infection that affects the rest of a person’s oral cavity.

Wisdom teeth usually need to be extracted too. In a lot of people, there’s no room for them to grow, which can affect other teeth and the person’s smile. Impacted wisdom teeth might lead to decay of the tooth closest to them and might even lead to cysts in the jaw.

How Extraction Is Performed

Before we extract a tooth at Barry J Cunha, DDS, we always apply local anesthesia to numb the area. Rest assured that you won’t experience any pain while we work on extracting the tooth.

Simple extraction is commonly done. In simple extractions, we pull the tooth out of its socket using simple tools and equipment. No incisions are made, and the empty socket is often left open. It’ll close on its own in a couple of weeks, but no stitches are needed.

Surgical extractions are more complex. When we can’t reach a tooth or extract it, we need to make incisions in the soft tissue around it. General anesthesia might be used in surgical extractions but isn’t always necessary. After we reach the tooth, we might need to break it up to be able to extract it in pieces. We then stitch the soft tissue together to allow faster healing.

Tooth extractions aren’t idea, but they’re not as bad as people think. We only perform them when necessary.

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