CEREC©️ Same-Day Crowns in Lexington, MA

When your teeth are decayed or damaged, a dentist may fit a protective shell over it- a dental crown. The shell, apart from strengthening your tooth, also improves its general appearance.

At our Lexington, MA dental office, we have an in-office CEREC machine that offers on-site milling and imaging technology to enable our dentists to safely design porcelain and ceramic tooth caps in just a single visit.

Benefits of CEREC Same-day Dental Crowns

Below are the benefits that accrue from the use of these crowns:

  • Convenience

Getting these crowns is convenient for patients because the procedure is completed in just one visit. You won’t have to worry about repeated trips to the dentist’s that may mess with your school or work schedule. In the end, you get yourself a crown just as natural as a lab-fabricated one that you would have waited a long time to get.

  • Tooth Preservation

Unlike traditional crowns that remove a considerably huge part of your tooth structure, same-day crowns leave most of your tooth intact. This means there will be less drilling.

  • No need for Temporary Crowns

In the case of traditional crowns, you will have to be fitted with temporary crowns before permanent ones are completed. When you go for same-day dental crowns, you will most likely jump back into your routine the next day.

Dr. Barry Cunha provides patients with same-day CEREC crowns. Our innovative equipment eliminates the need for lab product construction and a second appointment to finalize. Your 3D scan is done right in the office, and then your crown is created while you wait. Are you looking for same-day dental crowns near you? Schedule an appointment at our Lexington, MA dental office to learn how you can restore and beautify your natural smile with our advanced CEREC restoration dental technology.

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